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We have been offering pay-per-click services (a.k.a. search engine advertising services) for as long as search engines themselves have been offering the opportunity. Does anyone remember Alta Vista - yes, that long. What this means to you is that we have a decade of experience using this form of advertising - we know what is going to work and what will likely not. Over the years, we have become extremely proficient (i.e. saving you money on labor) at set up, keyphrase list development, determining target demographics & psychographics, geographically targeting campaigns, landing page development and use, A/B testing, management and reporting, etc....

On key thing we have learned over the years is that pay-per-click services are ineffective if the website itself is ineffective. Below is an article we wrote that explains this, which also explains how our pay-per-click services are likey better than the next guy's.

A Well-designed Website + Good Sales Follow-up = A Successful Pay-Per-Click Campaign

While driving traffic to your website via our pay-per-click services and campaigns is an excellent marketing channel to pursue for capturing potential sales prospects’ attention, it may not produce the expected results if you don’t first address the question “Will our website convert these users into active sales leads?” Before you pay for each click-through to your site, it makes sense to carefully review your site’s content, navigation, and user-friendliness. Confusing navigation, non-persuasive copy, lack of clear calls to action (e.g. “click here to contact a sales rep”), and lack of relevant content on the landing pages associated with one’s pay-per-click ads are just some of the common barriers that can prevent click-through traffic from converting to leads and/or sales. Simply put, without ensuring your website will convert site visitors into customers or engaged sales prospects, you may end up spending good money without seeing a corresponding increase in your business.

Recent studies indicate that both business-to-business and consumer websites on average convince just two to three percent of their visitors to take action. This likely means that some 97 percent of website visitors never travel deep enough into a website or spend enough time to understand the value proposition a company means to convey. As a result, 97 percent of site visitors leave without accomplishing their goals – or yours. Is your site motivating users to take action?

In order to answer this question, part of our pay-per-click services include evaluating your website from an end-user’s perspective, as well as reviewing and analyzing the website’s log files (obtained from WebTrends, HitBox or other site activity analysis software). By analyzing the log files, we can tell how many site visitors are leaving after viewing just one page, and which pages those “exit pages” tend to be. We’ll learn where users go once they arrive at the site, which allows us to measure how many users get to the Contact Us page or other call-to-action pages. We can see if the pages you believe have the most compelling or useful content get visited frequently.

Those are just a few of the key statistics and measurements the site’s log files will help uncover and track. Other things that we consider when analyzing a website and making recommendations:

  • Visitor demographics – Who are the primary, secondary and tertiary users, what are they likely looking for, and what keywords will likely be “triggers” for them to take action?
  • Navigation and cross-linking structure – Is the site easy for visitors to use? Can they easily complete tasks and achieve their goals? What can be done to improve the site’s navigation and linking structure?
  • Content and design – Does the copy persuade users to take action? Will the content on an individual page be relevant to the PPC ad to which it links? Does the copy—and the site itself—positively reflect the company’s brand, instill trust, and ultimately promote sales?
  • Calls to action and lead generation – What can be added to the site to improve lead generation and maturation, and what improvements can be made to simplify the way leads are handled?

When we evaluate clients’ sites, we include a report of all our findings, including site enhancement recommendations aimed at improving the website’s ability to convert site visitors into sales leads. In doing so, we take into consideration any budget and/or bandwidth constraints so that only realistic site improvements are recommended.

The measurement and evaluation doesn’t stop with the pre-campaign analysis, of course. As campaigns run, we regularly monitor campaign activity at least several times per week. And simply counting the total number of visitors arriving to the site via pay-per-click ads is not enough. Measurements to gauge success of a PPC campaign might include:

  • Increased leads collected via submission forms
  • Increased visits to the Contact Us page
  • Increased contacts via phone
  • An increase in visitors viewing three or more pages per visit
  • A decrease in visitors only viewing one page
  • More PPC visitors following the pathways set up for them to follow (ie contacting a sales rep, downloading a white paper, or checking out with an online order)

A word should be added about follow-through by your salespeople. Unless your business is such that people can buy directly from your website, you still need to make sure that web-generated leads get followed up by a live person to close the sale. Unless you have a process for this and committed sales resources that can be applied, you’ll be leaving potential business on the table. Another aspect of our pay-per-click services often includes evaluating the post pay-per-click sales funnel.

As you can see, the key to maximizing the success of a pay-per-click campaign is active involvement both before and during the campaign. With proper planning, followed by close monitoring of what’s working and tuning of what’s not working, our experience has been that pay-per-click campaigns can be a very cost–effective and easy to measure way to link business results with investment.

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